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How to harness the power of communicating without words and effectively utilising nonverbal language online


The “Online Body Language for Influence and Authority” online virtual summit (webinar) is for anyone who is ready to join a movement of people determined to create better relationships, build businesses, step away from past habits, and make big changes in their life through more powerful nonverbal communication techniques.

Utilise the inherent energy of your body language to create a powerful first impression, and discover the body language tips and tricks you need to convey your authority, influence others and make a continuous difference in your income and impact

Hosted by Speakers Institute, we are excited to be offering this webinar completely free of charge. Presenter Catherine Molloy adds her knowledge, flair and passion to this transformative program that will inspire and give you the tools you need on your journey moving forward.


It is not enough to just understand the contents of a good conversation or presentation. Being a good speaker goes far beyond that. Great communicators are the ones who take the time to learn everything that goes into a killer first impression and delivering a powerful presentation, and that includes body language.

Knowledge of body language is a powerful tool. And mastering body language online will not only change your communication skills, it will change your life.


Catherine Molloy is a body language specialist and sales expert who will take you through how we communicate without saying a single word. You will explore how body language will work for you in conversations, meetings, negotiations, presentations and onstage to ensure your influence and impact to the listener.

You will learn what a powerful presentation looks like through hands-on activities like the Million Dollar Handshake, and other activities designed to help you gain insight into how we tend to self-sabotage (while still having fun in the process).

You will walk away with comprehensive, applicable information about first impressions and body language, and you will learn how to create content (like structuring a keynote or writing a book).

If you are ready to make a difference in the world, increase your influence, impact and income, and do great things with your life, then this webinar is for you.


Online Body Language for Influence and Authority - Limited Spots Available

OUTCOMES you can expect from the webinar
Understand how communication goes beyond verbal and nonverbal language.
Create a great impression first time, every time.
Learn how body language can work for you as you deliver a presentation or speak onstage.
Discover the “Conscious Connection Framework” – the result of over studying body language
for over 30 years.
The 12 words for influence that you must use in powerful presentations.
Experience hands-on activities that give you insight into how you self-sabotage.
A comprehensive, applicable understanding of how to master body language for yourself
and others.
The ability to create content for a presentation to win the hearts and minds of any audience.
Read nonverbal communication and build rapport using positive body language.
Identify your behavioural style and enact positive change by working with your strengths.
The Million Dollar Handshake to revolutionise how you connect and communicate
Be empowered to communicate at a conscious level for win-win results at home in business and in life
About Catherine Molloy

Catherine is an International Speaker and Communication Expert, specialising in leadership, sales and service. She has been a trainer and educator for over 20 years, and she has 25 years of experience in business, training and facilitation. She has run and owned registered training organizations, and she knows how to “train the trainer”. She has spoken on large stages, written and published books, and is a true Speakers Institute success story.

Catherine works internationally in the areas of business growth, customer service, and leadership with communication as the overarching tool to success. She has developed the Conscious Connection Framework after studying body language for over 30 years, and she will be teaching her framework during this webinar.

Catherine believes that when you take away nonverbal and verbal language, you are left with the raw behaviour styles of people. This makes selling and leading possible across cultures.

What people are saying about Catherine Molloy
All the information was so relevant to us both personally and with the work we do. You presented it in a way we all understood and enjoyed
Catherine is a world class presenter. Her insights into body language is Gold Standard. She is the new voice in this space. Highly Recommended
She made the process clear and easy, and she put a lot of effort into making sure our needs were met
She has massively improved our entire leadership and sales teams in how to master first impressions and make a connection. Brilliantly delivered

Online Body Language for Influence and Authority - Limited Spots Available

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I was blown away with what Sam has taught me. I have been truly transformed, the experience I had is beyond what I can describe with words.
The environment was energetic and the learnings will set you up to get your message out in to the world - great experience, highly recommended.

Online Body Language for Influence and Authority - Limited Spots Available

Stop the self sabotage and be empowered
Making basic mistakes in our body language is the quickest way to sabotage yourself before you even have the chance to say a word. Body language is the secret weapon of some of the most influential leaders and best speakers in the world.

If you want to influence & impact lives, advance your income and change the world, it is important that you learn how to present your ideas with power, authority, and confidence.
The way you look at key moments, whether in conversations, meetings, presentations or onstage, is almost as important as what you are saying. And developing an awareness of the nonverbal cues you send to your audience is an important part of your journey in becoming a master communicator.
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