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How to unlock your communication super powers and change your destination through transformative presentation skills online

We use between 16,000 and 45,000 words every day. So communicating is easy, right? Wrong. We’re constantly communicating with the internet, social media, e-mail, lack of time and the general noise of life.

Communication is a skill. And like any other skill, it takes time and practice to learn and master. And in business, politics, medicine or any other field, communication skills are absolutely necessary to standing out, thriving at work on a daily basis, advancing in your career, increasing your income, and becoming a leader and authority in your industry. Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs – The greatest leaders in any field are also the greatest communicators.

The “Online Presentation and Stagecraft for Influence and Authority”2-hour online virtual summit (webinar) will help tap into and unleash the communication super powers within you to overcome your fear of presenting in the workplace and of public speaking. You’ll transform your business and personal communications so your messages are clear and meaningful. You’ll learn the strategies to become more influential and develop stronger relationships. You’ll discover the structure and skills you need to prepare a presentation.  Gain the confidence you need to rise up to any opportunity and deliver powerful presentations from the conference room to the board room and to the stage.

Communication will change your destination.

Hosted by Speakers Institute and presented by experienced speaker and mentor Warren Tate, we are excited to be offering this online virtual summit completely free of charge. Click below to register now and secure one of the limited slots today.
When was the last time you “practiced” your presentation skills?
The thing that sets great leaders apart from the rest is the time they spend learning, developing and practicing their communication skills. We all have a message to share with the world, but most people don’t know how to share it.

This completely free, interactive and fun online event will provide a unique and challenging perspective on everyday communication that will give you the skills and understanding you need to use communication to advance your career, become a leader, and share your message with the world.
What you will learn
We will start off by examining the history of communication to understand how it has been a part of the human species since the beginning. Next we will break down the communication process by examining a simple face-to-face interaction, pointing out the various complexities and facets involved that we take for granted in the communication process.
Communication is complicated, and it is important to understand and appreciate that fact.
“I Get You: Communication Can Change Your Destination” Book by Warren Tate
Communication is complicated, and it is important to understand and appreciate that fact.

Once we have examined the history and basic model for communication, you will begin to craft your own message, applying what we have learned.
We will profile your audience, craft your content, talk about how you can deliver your message, and we will reveal the secrets to a great presentation. You will learn how to communicate with authority, leverage the power of story, and then you will discover what you can do moving forward to continue honing the skills and practices we learned during the webinar.

It is not enough to just create a great presentation. You must master the presentation. This means understanding your audience, clarifying the message, and engaging your participants.

We want you to walk out of this online virtual summit having mastered your presentation.
Online Presentation and Stagecraft for Influence and Authority - Limited Spots Available
OUTCOMES you can expect from the webinar
An understanding of the history of communication and what all great leaders have in common.
A simplified understanding of complex, scientific-based principles of communication.
The ability to break down a simple face-to-face conversation and highlight the different parts of the communication model at play every time we engage with each other.
A profile of your audience, and an understanding of how to relate to them.
The ability to craft the content of a great presentation and deliver the message with authority.
An appreciation of the power of stories and the ability to leverage that power in your
Clearer and more meaningful business and personal communications.
Strategies to become a master influencer, and move from Coaching (1:1) to Presenting (1:Many).
An understanding of how to embrace the future of communication through data, virtual reality and artificial Intelligence.
Warren Tate is a certified world class speaking coach, best selling author and an avid learner on personality profiles, communication skills, strengths testing, and listening.

He has travelled globally and is a regular on the keynote speaking circuit. He is an engaging, natural, and energetic speaker who captivates and engages the audience from start to end.
Warren focuses his trainings on mastering the presentation. It is not enough just to be a good presenter. Understanding your audience, clarifying your message, and engaging your audience are important parts that Warren teaches during his online events.

He also has a passion for the real estate industry, where he has spent more than 20 years. He is an award-winning auctioneer who has also held multiple management roles with larger, publicly listed companies.
What people are saying about Warren Tate
I wish I could have Warren with me in every presentation. His understanding of communication with clients makes you realise the power of listening and understanding your client’s perspective.
Warren has been instrumental in transforming our presenters to mastery, ready for more sales and greater influence and impact.
Warren communication and presentation formulas are world class. Not only is he a master at what he does, but he is also a down to earth great guy.
Warren has been instrumental in improving our sales success
Online Presentation and Stagecraft for Influence and Authority - Limited Spots Available
Speakers Institute:
You bring us your message, we give you your voice
Speakers Institute delivers world-class curriculums and integrated experiential learning live events and webinars to share the secrets of effective, powerful, and commercial communication. We have reached over 7500 speakers, impacting 500,000,000 people around the globe annually.

We transform leaders to become influential speakers, so they can advance their careers and improve the lives of others. We are passionate about helping people find their voice, craft their message, and deliver it with confidence and authority to influence.

Our programs are uniquely designed to unpack your ideas, unleash your story, and give you the framework to deliver your message. We run our programs in all 4 corners of the globe with established regular live events and webinars throughout Australasia, Asia and soon Europe.
Speakers Institute was founded in 2012 by globally-recognised professional speaker, Sam Cawthorn. Sam has been professionally speaking since 2006, and he began training speakers in 2011. He launched the Institute at Google Headquarters in 2012.

Sam survived a head-on collision with a semi-trailer. He felt like he was given a second chance at life, and he knew he had a message that needed to be heard. He is today an author of 7 books, his latest an international best seller, he is also an internationally acclaimed professional speaker reaching CSP by the Association of Professional Speakers. He is also the 2009 Young Australian of the Year, the 2015 Edupreneur of the year, and CEO and founder of Speakers Institute.
Speakers Institute operates under the values of Truth, Belief, Passion, Commitment, and Excellence, as we help our clients get into the professional speaking industry or advance their own careers by strengthening their communication skills. We have partnered with some of the largest companies in the world, including Google, Citibank and GALLUP.

And we want you to be a part of our mission.
What people are saying about SPEAKERS INSTITUTE
The team at Speakers Institute deliver this beyond my expectations. I now feel at ease being on stage, motivated to the max to progress even more, and fully convinced I can add value to the world! Thank you!
I knew I had a story to tell but I really doubted it had any value in being told. Now I know I can take my story and my message to the world and inspire people to be the best version of themselves that they can be.
I was blown away with what Sam has taught me. I have been truly transformed, the experience I had is beyond what I can describe with words.
The environment was energetic and the learnings will set you up to get your message out in to the world - great experience, highly recommended.
Online Presentation and Stagecraft for Influence and Authority - Limited Spots Available
Don’t hold yourself back any longer…
Those who lack the ability to deliver powerful, meaningful presentations are holding themselves back in their career. Delivering influential presentations at work or anywhere can be an uncomfortable, negative experience if you don’t have the proper tools and skills available to you.

This 2-hour online virtual summit is designed to help you present like the greatest leaders in history, and to learn to love the art of public speaking. We will examine great communicators from history and break down the practices it takes to follow in their footsteps.
Public speaking is a learned skill, and you can do great things if you just have the right teacher. This live webinar is your first step to becoming a great speaker and a great leader.

No matter what industry you are in, being a great leader means being a great communicator. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has a message to share with the world. This webinar is designed to help you find your voice and give you the tools to creating and delivering a great presentation that will change your career and impact those around you.
Join us at a live webinar
This completely free webinar will change your life and career forever, so we hope to see you there.

The Speakers Institute exists to create communicators and speakers who can go forth and improve the world. That is why we are offering this enriching, life-changing live webinar completely free of charge.

There will be a special offer at the end of the webinar for attendees who want to continue their journey after the webinar.

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