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You keep hearing, “Tell your story.” But how do you tell it in a way that makes a real impact?

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Online Storyshowing for Influence and Authority

Going beyond storytelling: Discover the simple way to make your audience not only hear your story… but experience it!
Close more deals (and earn more revenue) by connecting with your prospects through dynamic storyshowing
Win hearts and minds by tapping into your audience’s emotions
Take your audience members on a journey that compels them to know, like and trust you
Attract a steady stream of speaking opportunities, which gives you the power to promote yourself and your business, create change, and be seen as an undisputed authority

Come see why this is the ONE live online event that goes far beyond mere storytelling… and what the world’s most influential speakers are talking about:

If you’re like most business owners, thought influencers, and other leaders and visionaries, you’ve undoubtedly heard many times that the key to engaging your audience (and getting them to agree with you) is “a good story.” There are countless coaches, authors, and marketers who tout this mantra.

But if you’ve sat through more than a few story-based presentations recently, you know that most people’s stories fall flat. By the middle of the story, half the audience members are checking their phones and wishing the speaker would reach a conclusion fast… not so they can find out what happened, but so the speaker will finally leave the podium!

If you’re lucky, you’ve also experienced the magic of an effective storyteller, too. Talented storytellers are great… but in order to make a real impact, you need to evolve past that to storyshowing.
That’s when people stop realizing that they’re watching a speaker, and start becoming an integral part of the story – even feeling the emotions of the characters and the tension of the situation – right until the very last word.

That’s exactly what storyshowing does. And that makes it easy for you to influence your audience any way you want!



I’d like to show you how to master storyshowing… and craft immersive stories that are truly engaging!

Hi, I’m Sam Cawthorn, and I’m excited you’re here. I hope that you’ll decide to take me up on my invitation to attend – completely free of charge – a game-changing online virtual summit we're holding.

It’s called Online Storyshowing for Influence and Authority, and I think it’s going to be one of the best time investments you’ll make this year.

This is the exact training that has helped me (and my clients from all over the world) develop high-impact stories that command attention from start to finish… and use those stories to create powerful change, build lucrative businesses, achieve celebrity status, and much more!
I’ve developed a step-by-step approach to creating dynamic stories that don’t just tell concepts, ideas, and events… but vividly show them in a way that your audience simply can’t forget! That approach has enabled me to command as much as $50,000 per speaking gig… and to launch a career that has allowed me to touch millions of lives through speaking, coaching, workshops and books.

You can use the same approach in your own presentations. It doesn’t matter who your audience is, or what niche or industry you’re in – the simple dynamic storyshowing techniques and insights I’m sharing in this free program work.

Why am I the right person to teach you how to craft and deliver amazing stories through storyshowing?

I’d like you to imagine for a minute that you’re behind the wheel of your car. You’re listening to your favourite song on the radio, and you’re in lost in the words of the song. The droning hum of the tyres on the road is slowly lulling you into a sort of trance, as if you’d been put on “autopilot.”

Suddenly, you’re jerked out of your trance by a blaring horn. You look up just in time to catch a glimpse of a truck careening toward you, just meters from your window.

And then, nothing.

When you open your eyes, you notice the antiseptic smell of the hospital room. Barely able to move, you squint to see the faces hovering over you.

“You were clinically dead for several minutes,” one of the faces tells you. “You’re lucky the medics were able to resuscitate you.”

You feel quite lucky indeed. But when you try to reach out to those faces with your right hand… you realize that your arm isn’t there anymore.

“We had to amputate your arm.”

Now, how did you feel when you read that little vignette? Empathetic? Sad? Relieved?

At different points, you probably felt all of those things. But the point is, you most likely felt something.

And I bet that the next time you drive a car, you’re going to be just a little more cautious.

That’s because the words I chose connect, engage, and immerse. In other words, they show, rather than tell.

(By the way, I really was involved in a major car accident that resulted in amputation of my right arm. That’s part of my story… the same way your life experiences will be important parts of your own story.)

I’ve spent the past 7 years mastering the techniques that allow me to choose the perfect words that build effective, influential stories, full of visuals and emotions that truly hit home with your audience.

I’ve learned from feedback which techniques work the best. And I’ve used them to help speakers from all over the world use stories to gain the influence and authority to generate business success, create social change, and much more.



I’d like to show you how to master storyshowing… and craft immersive stories that are truly engaging!

After joining my program, Maree McCabe not only became one of our Advisory Board members, but went on to become the CEO of Alzheimers Australia.
Mark Bilton, a Fortune 500 C-Suite Executive, calls attending our program “a defining moment” that motivated him to be a best-selling author and executive coach.
Pauline Nguyen completed the program and is now hailed as the #1 female speaker in Australia by the Speakers Bureaus.
Warren Tate used what he learned in the program to launch a global career in speaking and authorship – he’s now known as one of the world’s leading authorities in auctioneering.
Shivi Bhalla credits his phenomenal success to my program. At age 27, he is able to virtually retire – spending only one day each week working on his multi-million dollar business.
There are many more success stories I could share. But you probably want to know more about whether you should invest a day learning how to weave dynamic, engaging stories…

Is Online Storyshowing for Influence and Authority right for me?

I’ll be the first to admit that this FREE training is NOT right for everyone. If any of the following apply to you, then your time will probably be better spent elsewhere:
You’re not interested in heightening the impact of your presentations and getting more “buy-in” from your audience.
You’re the type of person who insists on “reinventing the wheel,” and you’d rather figure out how to make your presentations more effective on your own (even though that would take years).
You’re a tyre-kicker who doesn’t use valuable information to improve yourself and your business.
You just like going to workshops, and don’t plan to craft high-impact stories with what you learn.
Now, I’m pretty sure that none of those statements apply to you, or you wouldn’t still be reading this. So that tells me that this live online event is the perfect way to boost the impact of your stories, no matter whether you’re…
A coach who wants to get better results for your clients
An entrepreneur strategically building visibility and authority in your niche
An author seeking exposure for your book
A sales professional who wants to improve conversions
A thought leader building a loyal audience for your insights
A Toastmaster looking to dramatically improve your speeches
Or anyone else who wants others to pay attention to every word you say… and take the action you want them to take!

And here are some more reasons you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this eye-opening online event:

Online Storyshowing for Influence and Authority is sponsored by the Speakers Institute, the premiere speaking organization in Australia and beyond. More than 4,000 professionals from nearly every industry have taken part in our trainings. And given the high-quality information and instruction we provide, it isn’t hard to see why.

We’ve trained some of the best and brightest speakers in the country. We have ties with Google, Gallup, Microsoft, and many other well-known companies, and our Advisory Board is made up of some of the most successful leaders and CEOs in Australia.

However, the biggest reason you won’t want to miss this is because there’s nowhere else in the world you’ll get training this valuable. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll experience at Online Storyshowing:
A 5-star online event packed with opportunities for experiential learning throughout the day
Practical tips, techniques, and coaching during the online event
Step-by-step systems you can use to add power and engagement to your stories starting today
Practical demonstrations and LIVE coaching, so you can immediately see the results of what you’re learning
Opportunities to speak on stage and get instant feedback (don’t worry, all feedback will be constructive)
Practical demonstrations and LIVE coaching, so you can immediately see the results of what you’re learning



Here’s just a sample of the dynamic storyshowing training you’re getting at this FREE online virtual summit:

I couldn’t possibly list everything you’ll get from your time at Online Storyshowing for Influence and Authority. But here’s a brief rundown of the topics we’ll cover:
You’ll find out how to position yourself as a “go to” authority in today’s crowded business environment.
You’ll learn how to quickly solidify your status as an industry expert and get your ideas heard.
You’ll master the 16 hand gestures that keep your audience “dialed in” to your story.
You’ll find out the subtle techniques that make your audience members put away their phones, stop chatting with their neighbors, and listen to your every word.
You’ll learn how to use 5 non-verbal techniques to create more impact in your stories.
You’ll find out why most “value propositions” can actually kill your business… and how to communicate your value instead.
You’ll discover the 2 fundamental secrets of communication you can leverage to win new business every time.
You’ll see how the subtle art of dynamic storyshowing can help you win more friends, influence more people, and make the kind of money you truly want.
You’ll get a done-for-you blueprint for creating content that sells.
You’ll learn how you can combine writing and speaking to create undeniable authority use can use to catapult yourself to success in any niche.
You’ll find out how storyshowing masters package their content for optimum impact and maximum revenue.
You’ll learn how to easily create your own super-attractive platform through storyshowing, so you can stand out, even in a crowded market.
You’ll learn how to quickly and simply master your pitch to win over new clients and investors like clockwork.
And much, MUCH more!
Plus, you’ll get the chance to network with like-minded speakers, entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders, executives, and more. The connections you make could have a dramatic impact on your success in business, leadership, or any other area of life.

It’s like taking a complete course in dynamic, effective storyshowing… in just one day. (And, of course, for FREE.)

It took me years to master the art of dynamic storyshowing – and I made plenty of mistakes along the way.

But I don’t want you to have to suffer through the same “learning curve” I went through when I was discovering how to make my stories more impactful.

That’s why I’ve condensed what I’ve learned into a single day of profound insights, actionable tips, and made-for-you blueprints. And, because I have a deep desire to help others succeed, I’m bringing it all to a workshop near you (click the registration button at the end of this page for a list of dates and locations).

You could figure it all out on your own, and learn from “trial and error” which techniques work and which ones fall flat.

But why would you want to, when you can learn all the techniques you need to make your stories inspire, motivate… completely for free?

Complete your registration while spots are still available.

Although I’m not charging for attendance to Online Storyshowing for Influence and Authority, I do have to limit attendance.

The reason for this is because I know from past trainings that there will be lots of questions. And while I can’t personally answer every question, I do want to make sure I can take as many questions as possible. And limiting attendance helps ensure that I’ll be able to get to yours.

Virtual seats for each online event do fill up quickly, so it’s important to lock in your spot while there’s still time. All you need to do is click the button below, select your webinar date from the list, and fill out the brief registration form.

Once you submit your registration, you’ll get an email containing all the webinar details. Be sure to put the date on your calendar, too – I wouldn’t want you to miss the chance to get this empowering training absolutely free of charge!

P.S.: In case you’re thinking about skipping this online virtual summit, think about this: Your competition is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, just like you are, especially in today's world of online meetings, online presentations, and online presence. And, as people all over the world are realizing there’s more to influence than just telling a story, they’re looking for ways to improve their stories too. So what I’m telling you here is this: If you choose not to attend this live online event, you can bet that one of your competitors will be glad to take your spot.


I look forward to meeting you at Online Storyshowing for Influence and Authority!

Sam Cawthorn

P.S.: In case you’re thinking about skipping this event, think about this: Your competition is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, just like you are. And, as people all over the world are realizing there’s more to influence than just telling a story, they’re looking for ways to improve their stories too. So what I’m telling you here is this: If you choose not to attend this event, you can bet that one of your competitors will be glad to take your spot.
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