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Discover the innate energy of your DIGITAL BODY LANGUAGE and create a powerful first impression – every single time


7 seconds.

That’s all the time it takes for your audience to decide whether they should listen or ignore what you have to say.

Obviously, in such a short time frame, there are very few things you can say that will be good enough to capture their attention. Especially if you’re speaking to a large crowd or through a computer screen.

Luckily for us, actions speak louder (and faster!) than words.

Studies show that what you say makes up only 7% of the message you convey. The remaining 93% is non-verbal.

With such a huge portion coming from your body language, every aspiring speaker, influencer, and leader must be aware of the hidden message and underlying potential of their non-verbals.

It’s a powerful tool that won’t only change your communication skills, it might even change your life.

Create a powerful first impression - that lasts

If you’re tired of being ignored and would rather...

Consistently make killer first impressions that make people remember you over everyone else…

Keep your presentation going strong even if you feel nervous or can’t think of anything to say…

Command attention every time you walk into a room and get noticed even before you speak…

Or feel confident so people love talking to you, then keep reading.

Because if you've been searching for a way to shortcut the years of trial and error that come from mastering the art of non-verbal communication, then this is for YOU.

What you will learn at this 1-day live event

At this 1-Day Event, you’ll learn all of our best-kept secrets on how to understand how your body language works and use it to its full capacity, turning you into an in-demand, highly valued individual no matter what marketplace or vertical you operate in.

These time-tested, proven techniques and strategies are the exact tools that we’ve used to train some of the most in-demand highest paid Speakers, Authors, Thought Leaders and Influencers in the world.

Our students get to travel the world, stay in fancy hotels, speak at high profile events and rub shoulders with some of the world’s most inspiring people and business elite.

We deliver training on leadership, transformational change and success to large companies and executive groups around the world. Some of our past clients include global brands such as Google, Exxon Mobil, IBM and Citibank, just to name a few.


Body Language Mastery for Influence & Authority - Limited Spots Available

Outcomes you can expect from this 1-day live event

Inside, Sharlene will teach you:

The 7 things successful people do to look and become confident
How your body betrays you and what to do to overcome it
Mirroring techniques that will make people lean in and pay attention to you
How to decipher other people’s body language so you’ll never be caught off-guard
Tips to keep your verbal and non-verbal language consistent
Differences in body language between men and women
Which gestures you should use to get the upper hand in negotiations
And much, much more…
Who is Sharlene?

Sharlene Lynch is a Body Language expert with over 30 years experience in Coaching and psychology. She is a regular on the speaking circuit and is obsessed about finding and bringing out the best in people so they find their confidence and certainty.

Sharlene runs a business coaching program and is a keynote speaker on all things mindset. She is an inspirational international speaker, veteran workshop facilitator and the living embodiment of her MINDSHIFT program, navigating the “gap” from where you are, to where you want to be.

Sharlene is also the Speakers Tribe National Leader & serving Chief of The Speakers Tribe SA. She loves face-to-face interaction, assisting others to develop themselves in finding their voice and to share their message, is an enthusiastic community advocate involved in a wide variety of projects, and is always keen to assist where she can.

What people are saying about Sharlene Lynch
"Sharlene, you were simply OUTSTANDING at your Shift Your State To Elevate workshop. I was floored by your power, confidence and vulnerability which was an intoxicating combination. You added immense value and did so, with such passion. A must see workshop, 11/10."

Anelis Jordan
"Sharlene is real and speaks from the heart. Not only is she motivating & inspiring, she is also really funny!!! I loved Sharlene's talk on making decisions and cutting off your other options. Puts things into perspective for work and personal life. Thank you Sharlene!!!!"

Chantelle Ladanza
"Listening to Sharlene speak was inspirational. She talked with such passion and her personal notes made her speech very relatable. I felt motivated and like I had a clear understanding on what to do next on my personal journey after listening to her."

Joanne Jarzabek
"Sharlene was a speaker at the be empowered morning which is held every month. Sharlene is an inspirational speaker everyone listened to her journey. She has great confidence and does amazing work to motivate woman."

Rebecca Mcsass

Body Language Mastery for Influence & Authority - Limited Spots Available

Speakers Institute:
You bring us your message, we give you your voice.
Speakers Institute delivers world-class curriculums and integrated experiential learning live events to share the secrets of effective, powerful, and commercial communication. We have reached over 7500 speakers, impacting 500,000,000 people around the globe annually.

We transform leaders to become influential speakers, so they can advance their careers and improve the lives of others. We are passionate about helping people find their voice, craft their message, and deliver it with confidence and authority to influence.
Our programs are uniquely designed to unpack your ideas, unleash your story, and give you the framework to deliver your message. We run our programs in all 4 corners of the globe with established regular live events throughout Australasia, Asia and soon Europe.
Speakers Institute was founded in 2013 by globally-recognised professional speaker, Sam Cawthorn. Sam has been professionally speaking since 2006, and he began training speakers in 2011. He launched the Institute at Google Headquarters in 2013.

Sam survived a head-on collision with a semi-trailer. He felt like he was given a second chance at life, and he knew he had a message that needed to be heard. He is today an author of 11 books, with 4 of them international best-sellers. He is also an internationally acclaimed professional speaker reaching CSP by the Association of Professional Speakers. He is also the 2009 Young Australian of the Year, the 2015 Edupreneur of the year, and CEO and founder of the Speakers Institute Group of Companies.
Speakers Institute operates under the values of Truth, Belief, Passion, Commitment, and Excellence, as we help our clients get into the professional speaking industry or advance their own careers by strengthening their communication skills. We have partnered with some of the largest companies in the world, including Google, Citibank and GALLUP.

And we want you to be a part of our mission.
The team at Speakers Institute deliver this beyond my expectations. I now feel at ease being on stage, motivated to the max to progress even more, and fully convinced I can add value to the world! Thank you!
I learned the methodology behind being a speaker and gained immense confidence in myself as a person.
I was blown away with what Sam has taught me. I have been truly transformed, the experience I had is beyond what I can describe with words.
The environment was energetic and the learnings will set you up to get your message out in to the world - great experience, highly recommended.

Body Language Mastery for Influence & Authority - Limited Spots Available

Making basic mistakes in our body language is the quickest way to sabotage yourself before you even have the chance to say a word. Body language is the secret weapon of some of the most influential leaders and best speakers in the world.

And this is your chance to master it.

If you want to influence others, impact lives, and increase your income, learning how to present your ideas with power, authority, and confidence is the crucial first step.
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